Company Overview

PassPort is young, dynamic and growing. Since PassPort was founded in 2014, we’ve grown from an idea into a corporation.  We manage student mobility.  PassPort is a web based student management system that enables teachers and administrators to protect classroom instruction time.  PassPort allows authorized users to monitor student movement throughout the school day – i.e., hall passes, trips to the Counseling Office, visits to the Nurse or Office, field trips, or club meetings.  Schedules can be customized for the day and/or week to meet the school’s needs.  Reports can be customized to report on an individual student, classroom, or school wide movement.  If you think a digital hallpass would help improve your school then you will love our plans for the future of managing student mobility.

Who We Are

Building innovative products depends on innovative people that question the world we live in. We begin and end each day with thinking about how to improve PassPort so we can improve our schools. We are teachers trying to improve schools from the inside out. Find out more about what it’s like to work at PassPort, our mission and who drives our company strategy below.

What We Do

We capture and manage the critical information to support student achievement. Our system is for parents, teachers, administrators and students. We want to capture and maintain key student data, and improve communications between students, parents, and faculty.  Our information system   management system is designed specifically to improve schools.  Our system can scale to meet your individual needs.

Life at PassPort

Culture is way of life and we want to make life better. Offering the best product on the planet does matter, but people matter more.  PassPort wants to solve complex problems.  Our core mission is to manage student mobility in a way that improves our school. What makes working at PassPort unique is how we encourage innovation and try what might not be possible today because it might be tomorrow. PassPort recognizes the importance of how our people interact with our clients.

Our culture encourages experimentation and sometimes that involves failure.  We embrace the free flow of ideas. This perspective extends to everyone we interact with who share a desire to improve schools. We want people to be creative and think about what’s not possible today and work toward making that idea a reality. This openness encourages productivity, innovation, collaboration and inspiration and may look unconventional.